What does the research tell us about climate change attitudes? How can we use this research in our methods to influence sustainability change? What are the key elements for embedding sustainability into business and communities?

Join us for a morning session on the social research into climate change attitudes, and some tips and strategies on how we can use this information to influence sustainability into businesses and communities.

You will hear from four leading females who deal directly with business and communities:

Stephanie Ziersch - Director of Communities & Climate Change, Sustainability Victoria, will provide an overview on the social research behind climate change; including the views of the converted and the skeptics. 

Meg Fricke - Partner, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, EY, will provide some tips and strategies on how to influence sustainability into business.

Lona Parry & Clare Nolan - Directors, So-Eco for Schools, will provide some further insight on embedding change sustainability change into communities, how they go about engaging communities.

Hosted by EY, the seminar is complimentary and will be accompanied by a light breakfast and an opportunity for networking.


Tuesday 12 March 2019



(Light breakfast provided)


EY, 8 Exhibition Street

Melbourne VIC 3000